Sometimes it just takes one.

The New Orleans Saints finally got in the win column Sunday night with a victory over the ever-inconsistent San Diego Chargers. The Saints dug themselves a hole early, but at least one Saints blogger gives the team a chance at a mid-season turnaround, noting that outside of Atlanta, the NFC is devoid of dominant teams.

Thus Travis Dauro, a contributing writer for Canal Street Chronicles (Twitter: CSCTweet), thinks New Orleans still might have a playoff run in its future.

“Now that the Saints have finally gotten into the win column, I am still quite optimistic about the rest of the season,” Dauro says. “While they are only 1-4, there are not that many dominant teams in the NFC this year.”

Dauro joins us for the week six pick segment, which to this point has featured bloggers making the best picks of all. Here’s the wrap-up from last week. Andy and Raising Zona editor Scott Allen hit 10 of 14 games, one more than Tony. That gives our collection of celebrity bloggers a one game lead for the season over Tony and a two game cushion over Andy. Unlike our “Best Bets” our picks are turning out halfway decently this season.

Week five Season
Celebrity Blogger 10-4 47-30
Tony 9-5 46-31
Andy 10-4 45-32

So … here are the picks for week five.

Thursday, October 11th Andy Tony Travis Dauro
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Sunday, October 14th
Kansas City @ Tampa Bay Kansas City Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Indianapolis @ NY Jets New York Jets Indianapolis Indianapolis
Cincinnati @ Cleveland Cleveland Cincinnati Cleveland
Detroit @ Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Detroit
Oakland @ Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
St. Louis @ Miami Miami Miami Miami
Dallas @ Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Buffalo @ Arizona Arizona Buffalo Arizona
New England @ Seattle New England New England Seattle
NY Giants @ San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
Minnesota @ Washington Washington Washington Minnesota
Green Bay @ Houston Houston Houston Houston
Monday, October 15th
Denver @ San Diego Denver Denver Denver

Game of the Week: Last year San Francisco was a fumbled punt away from a potential trip to the Super Bowl. As you all remember, it was the New York Giants that beat the 49ers and went on to win it all. The rematch happens at Candlestick Whatever The Stadium’s Name is Now. How could NY Giants @ San Francisco not be the game of the week?

Game of the Weak: As midseason approaches, the league is getting some of its dog games out of the way. There are several options this week. We have little interest in Cincinnati @ Cleveland, other than watching AJ Green and Trent Richardson rack up fantasy stats. We have even less interest in St. Louis @ Miami. But probably the dog of the week, and our pick for Game of the Weak, is Kansas City @ Tampa Bay. With the mediocre Matt Cassel likely out, the even mediocre-er Brady Quinn gets another chance to show everyone why he isn’t a starter in the NFL. On Tampa’s side, Doug Martin hasn’t yet really rejuvenated the Bucs’ run game and Josh Freeman continues to be on just a slightly higher level of mediocrity than his banged up counterpart from Kansas City. I’ll pass on almost every aspect of this contest.

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