It’s been an up and down season for Green Bay so far, but the Packers came out of hiding on Sunday night. A six touchdown performance by Aaron Rodgers showed that the green and gold still has at least the opportunity and talent to put a beat down on any team in the league.

But they still need to gain some consistency.

“I think we’ll know whether or not the Packers are back on track if they can put together a consistent string of victories,” says Kevin McCauley, managing editor of the Acme Packing Company blog. “While the win over the Texans was great and could end up as the catalyst that jump-started the Packers’ season, we didn’t learn anything on Sunday night. We know the Packers have the talent to drop six touchdowns on anyone. What we don’t know is whether or not they have the mindset, depth and coaching to perform consistently.”

McCauley is our celebrity guest blogger for week seven. Week six was another close week, despite there being numerous differences in picks amongst the three of us—our guest blogger eked out a one game margin, going 8-6 for the week vs. 7-7 for Andy and Tony.

Week Six Season
Celebrity Blogger 8-6 55-36
Tony 7-7 53-38
Andy 7-7 52-39

This week, not nearly as much differentiation, as Andy & Tony matched all picks, while McCauley places his faith in the Vikings, Buccaneers and Steelers.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Andy Tony Kevin McCauley
Seattle @ San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
Sunday, Ocotber 21st
Arizona @ Minnesota Arizona Arizona Minnesota
Baltimore @ Houston Houston Houston Houston
Cleveland @ Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
Dallas @ Carolina Dallas Dallas Dallas
Green Bay @ St. Louis Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay New Orleans New Orleans Tampa
Tennessee @ Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Washington @ NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants
Jacksonville @ Oakland Oakland Oakland Oakland
NY Jets @ New England New England New England New England
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Pittsburgh
Monday, October 22nd
Detroit @ Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Game of the Week: Last week’s NFC matchup of San Francisco and the New York Giants ended up being a blowout, so this week we’ll flip to the AFC side for a matchup between the only two teams currently above .500 in the conference—Baltimore @ Houston.  The Texans are coming off of the thrashing at the hands of the Packers, their first loss of the season. The Ravens have matched the Texans record, but lost two key defensive components for the season last week in Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis. Hopefully this matchup will be a little more competitive.

Game of the Weak: A few options to choose from this week, but the cream of the crop has to be Tennessee @ Buffalo. The Titans shocked the Steelers last Thursday night, while the Bills edged the Cardinals in overtime. Somehow the Bills have managed to claw to a 3-3 record, matching every other team in the AFC East despite a -55 point differential and a two game stretch that saw them outscored 97-31. Before the Titans shocked the Steelers, they looked absolutely dreadful against the Vikings, and have league worst -90 point differential. The only thing saving them from last place in their division is the Jaguars.