Since Tony and I started nearly five years ago now we’ve debated how to approach the fantasy football world. There are dozens of sites out there offering advice, and while we consider ourselves to be pretty solid fantasy football players, we’ve never had the time to devote to doing it in a way that we thought we would stand out.

So we’ve done the occasional post and we’ve interviewed several industry experts on fantasy football, but we’ve largely avoided diving head first into the hours upon hours of research and writing that it would take to put quality fantasy content together.

That changes today. Recently we met with someone we’ve connected with over the years who IS a bona fide fantasy football expert. Together we decided to put our brains together to figure out how to take ZoneBlitz’ fantasy coverage to the next level.

Anthony Maggio served as an associate editor for the extremely popular but now defunct Fanball (Maggio takes very little responsibility for its demise) and he is widely considered the world’s 17th-foremost fantasy football expert. He co-hosts Fantasy Football Sunday from 9 to 10 a.m. central time on 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities. Listen live on Sundays during the football season by clicking here.

Maggio also is a regular Associated Press contributor whose other editorial credits (full-time, part-time, freelance or otherwise) include KFAN, Fox Sports North, Star Tribune and ESPN-Dallas/Ft. Worth, to name a few.

Follow Maggio on Twitter @MplsMaggio. And check back here for preseason rankings by position, which we will start posting later this week.