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Q1A: Start Dallas defense, which looked phenomenal during preseason, or Tampa Bay vs. NY Jets week 1?


A: I’m inclined to go with Tampa Bay. While the Cowboys are at home against a Giants offense with some health and offensive line concerns, the Bucs have too juicy of a matchup. Despite the Jets’ recent struggles they still could run the ball last year, but Tampa’s run defense was best in the league. Yes, its pass defense was atrocious, but the Bucs signed Derrelle Revis in the offseason and New York can’t throw the ball anyway.


Q1B: To pick up a defense I need to drop someone. Here are my options: Mike Williams, Alshon Jeffery, Le’veon Bell, Bernard Pierce, Jared Cook, Zach Sudfeld or Joique Bell. I lean Joique Bell…


A: You left your draft without a defense? All the leagues I’m in require you to be able to fill out a starting roster by the end of the draft. Anyway, I think you’re probably safest dropping Joique there. He’s the least likely to be scooped up right away should you want to get him back. Though if you have Reggie Bush, then you may actually want to drop Sudfeld or Jeffery depending on your depth at WR/TE and who is available at those positions on the waiver wire.


Q2: Another owner has expressed interest in Eddie Lacy. It would seem that WR would be my most upgradeable position—he’s got Randall Cobb, Lance Moore, Rueben Randle and Tavon Austin. He also has Charles, Ball, Giovani Bernard, Tate and Bryce Brown.  You see any potential deals that would even strike a chord? I’m leaning towards holding on to him unless it was a blockbuster. None of his receivers excite me much, and Bernard is the only back that super excites me.


A: The only guy two guys on that list who I’d accept as a 1-to-1 return for Lacy would be Cobb or Charles. Unless the other owner is a big Packers fan, though, my guess is that Charles would be off the table. If your own RB depth can handle the hit and the other owner’s interested, then definitely pull the trigger for Cobb. I like Bernard, but Lacy’s got far more potential this season without a BenJarvus Green-Ellis to steal work all season.