As far as sports betting goes, the NFL takes first prize. The NFL comes out on top of most sports because no matter your level of interest, you will somehow be dragged into wagering some kind of bet – whether it is a petty bet at the office, with friends or family or even online. The NFL is spread across a lengthy sporting season, giving bettors all kinds of opportunities to bet and turn a profit.

Just like any sport, there are statistics and data that needs to be reviewed before placing a bet. However, American Football on and off the field is in a league of its own. Every pass is tracked, its angle recorded and the distance measured down to the last millimeter. This makes the NFL a highly technical sport and reserved for the punter who is willing to put in but the time and effort. With the end goal of earning a sizable profit.

The good news here is that we’re here to help! We will be listing the most lucrative and beneficial NFL betting strategies to help you place the right kind of bet on any game throughout the season. There is a sheer volume of information out there, we have teethed through a large chunk of it to give our punters the top strategies to implement in their next wager.

#1 – Outright Winner Market

The first strategy we will introduce to you in the outright winners market. Where this strategy is concerned, the bettor will need to focus on the win ratios between opponents.

In order to be successful, you will need to keep a sharp eye on recent performances. You will then find it simpler to find a team’s win percentage. Once you overview the numbers you will be able to note which team has come against a string of weaker sides, meaning they can inflate their win percentage score and in turn make them seem stronger to the less experienced punter.

Besides betting on the winner of a competition, you can predict a team’s finishing position, bet on a number of season points or back a player to score the most goals. The number of outright bets is increasing every season and these are becoming extremely popular among the players.

#2 – Spread Betting

As teams across America prepare for one of the most important football seasons in their career, bettors alike begin to look into their preferred teams. Once you decide who you want to place your money on, the next step is to choose a betting strategy to increase your odds at winning. You might want to consider placing a bet through a spread market.

Similar to handicap betting in other sports, this kind of bet gives you the leg room to make a few betting mistakes and also to give your favored team either an instant advantage or a stronger team a disadvantage.

Should you decide to use this betting strategy, we recommend you pick a strong favorite and saddle them with a reasonably large disadvantage. This will allow you to extract the maximum amount of value out of the safer bets.

#3 – Bet Favorites Early, Underdogs Can Wait

This is a simple strategy that any punter can employ. Lines are often made right after the team’s last game is played.

For example; if a line opens up -3 for team A on the Monday, then you should bet on that line as come Sunday it could increase to -4 /-4.5. You will lose out on the best number and as you’ve figured out by now, the NFL is a number game.

On the other hand, if you prefer the underdog playing the following week, you can sit back and relax and place a bet right before kickoff.

Placing money on the favorites could also yield in a lot of money. Depending on how much a line will move during the week and increase profits along the way.

#4 – Analyzing Line Movement: Important Tool for Finding Winners

As you dig deeper into the world that is NFL, you will soon adopt handicapping processes that will help you break down betting lines. This will aid in learning how to successfully watch the lines move throughout the day and up to the time the game starts. When done right, you will be able to apply trends within the betting market and make the right bet on a team in the NFL.

You should watch the odds all day across numerous sportsbooks for every game that day and you can click on a given game and see how the odds have changed throughout the day. So, for example, if you really like Team A as underdogs to win you can see how the odds have gone up and down throughout the day and try to determine when the best time will be to place your bet. Getting the best odds on a team makes a huge difference to your bottom line, so if you see the price going up on Washington all day, you may want to wait right before it starts to make your wager.

Secondly, you’ll want to see how many bets have been placed on both sides of a game (side and total) and garner information from that. By tracking how lines move prior to a game you gain a lot of information about what other bettors are on and believe will happen that day.


Any prosperous bettor knows that making money from sports betting is far from as easy task, otherwise everyone would do it! Therefore, these helpful betting strategies will help you in making the smart bets towards a sizable profit. Luckily for you, there is an abundance of information to read online, that will only enhance your handicapping ability.

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