Slow and steady might bore Tony, but he’s continuing to close in on a 50 percent return on his bankroll for the season. Andy … continues to swirl the drain. Slowly this week, but … still on the way down.

Here are the standings:

Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll
Tony 2-1-1 +$36 21-17-2 +$3,863 $13,863
Andy 2-2 -$320 15-25 -$7,552 $2,448


And here are our week 11 bets:

Tony: Even going big with my bets, I can’t break through significantly one way or the other—kind of like kissing your sister. I mean, sure, she’s a great piece of tail, with a blouse full of goodies, but it’s just no fun. Or something like that—I can’t remember all of the classic Charlie Sheen lines.

$1,500 – Tennessee (+7, -105) vs Pittsburgh – This one hasn’t moved much this week, which kind of surprised me.  The Titans aren’t a terrible team, although they are only 3-5-1 against the spread, but the Steelers just seem so … disinterested, and they’re only 5-4 against the spread themselves. Add in a missing Joe Haden, and I think the Titans can make it a game.

$1,500 – Kansas City (-10.5, -105) vs NY Giants – This opened at -13.5 and has fallen back, which kind of surprises me. Yes, it’s in New York, and yes, the Chiefs haven’t looked like the potential Super Bowl team they did in the early season—but the Giants have flat out quit.

$1,500 – New England at Oakland: Over 54.5, (-110) – Wish I’d jumped on this at the opening total of 50, but apparently a lot of people did.  This one could easily hit 60.

$500 – Atlanta (+135 money line) over Seattle – I’ve already picked them, so why not grab them on the money line?  It’s not a great payout, but I think they can pull it off, even on the road.

Andy: Anyone who isn’t doing the opposite of what I do with picks and bets this season really isn’t doing it right.

$700 – Kansas City (-10.5, +100) at NY Giants – This line started out at 13.5. It’s actually moving toward the Giants? The Chiefs have to win to keep pace in the AFC. The Giants dropped trou last week against a crappy, winless San Francisco team. The only way Kansas City doesn’t cover this spread is if they come into this game feeling like they’ve already won it.

$700 – New England (-7, +100) vs Oakland at Mexico City – The Patriots seem to have things figured out now. And while Oakland may play desperate as they try to stay in the race, it doesn’t look like this is their year. Barring a case of Montezuma’s Revenge, I thin New England wins comfortably.

$700 – Philadelphia (-4, -110) at Dallas – The Cowboys are another desperate team, but while the mind may be willing, I don’t think the depth charts will allow them to be ready. The Eagles are on fire. Dallas is beaten up. It’s time to look toward 2018.

$300 – Chicago (+140 money line) vs Detroit – The Lions are on a 7-1 roll against Chicago, but the Bears knocked them off once last season. The Bears aren’t as talented, but they’re plucky. Call it a feeling.