Andy got seven of his eight selections correct in the “Alternative Picks” segment for week 12, but a lot of good that did him.

Tony did, as well, so the result was the season’s first tie.

That means Tony keeps his commanding lead for the season. Here are the standings:

Week 12 Tie 8-8
Season total Tony 102-70

With the tie, we flipped a virtual coin, and Tony ended up getting the right to choose–he decided to pick 2nd and 3rd.

Between divisional rivalries, games featuring new QBs and some actual contests with playoff implications, this is kind of a brutal week of games to pick.

But we persevered and got it done. Here we go with another week.

  1. Andy: New England over Buffalo – After stumbling a bit right out of the gate, there is not another team I feel more comfortable and safe picking than New England.
  2. Tony: Pittsburgh over Cincinnati – I’m not sure I buy the talk about Pittsburgh being a huge threat to New England for the Super Bowl right now – they just look off at times – but I think this week will be an easy win over a Bengals team that has to be counting the days until they can head home for the winter, and probably watch head coach Marvin Lewis pack up one last time.
  3. Tony: L.A. Rams over Arizona – See above, substitute Bruce Arians for Marvin Lewis. Never thought I’d be picking the Rams this high this season.
  4. Andy: L.A. Chargers over Cleveland – Well, the Browns haven’t won a game and the Chargers, despite playing in a half-full soccer stadium, would be a real factor in the playoff race and probably in the mix for an AFC West title, if not for blowing the first two games due to kicking woes.
  5. Tony: Jacksonville over Indianapolis – The Jags finally turned in that clunker I’ve been waiting for last week. Time to see if they recover, or if it starts a tailspin.
  6. Andy: Tennessee over Houston – This is where I start to get a bit nervous. But the Texans’ defense has been obliterated by injuries and the Titans … well, they keep winning, even if Marcus Mariota is not playing as well as he did last year.
  7. Tony: Oakland over NY Giants – The Raiders will be without Michael Crabtree and his chain, and might be without Amari Cooper (for what that matters this year), but it’s the Giants. The only reason I didn’t pick this one higher is that unlikely possibility that Eli Manning’s benching somehow leads to a Ewing Effect win–but it’s Geno Smith…
  8. Andy: Philadelphia over Seattle – I feel almost as safe picking the Eagles as the Patriots – but even though beaten up, I don’t expect the Seahawks to make this an easy week for Wentz & Co.
  9. Tony: New Orleans over Carolina – Absolutely no idea from here on out. My logic here is the Saints are at home, but that’s a toss up.
  10. Andy: Kansas City over NY Jets – I blew it last week taking the Chiefs as one of my top two picks. Kansas City could easily lose this game too, but they shouldn’t. And at 10 … it’s a pretty good value pick here, anyway.
  11. Tony: Detroit over Baltimore – Baltimore has been playing better, but favored over Detroit? I get that it’s the three points for being at home, making this a toss up, but Detroit is more talented than the Ravens.
  12. Andy: Washington over Dallas – I hate picking NFC East games and I hate picking Thursday night games. But I hate all the other remaining games more.
  13. Tony: Denver over Miami – I was all set to pick the Dolphins here, but with the Broncos defense and running game, going back to Trevor Siemien probably gives them their best chance to win.
  14. Andy: San Francisco over Chicago – Welcome to the Jimmy Garoppolo era, San Francisco.
  15. Tony: Green Bay over Tampa Bay – Adam Schefter is reporting that Jameis Winston is starting this game – unless maybe he takes an Uber out to get some Lobster on his way to the cafeteria? That actually might change my thinking a little bit here, but the Packers are finally showing a little bit of life with Brett Hundley under center, and the Bucs…well, they’ve been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. Again.
  16. Andy: Minnesota over Atlanta – The Falcons still haven’t played great this season. And the Vikings are on a roll. This is the first of a two-game road stretch out east for the Vikes. It is probably going to be tougher than it looks.

So, for those still scoring at home:

Andy Tony
New England Buffalo
Cincinnati Pittsburgh
Arizona LA Rams
LA Chargers Cleveland
Indianapolis Jacksonville
Tennessee Houston
NY Giants Oakland
Philadelphia Seattle
Carolina New Orleans
Kansas City NY Jets
Baltimore Detroit
Washington Dallas
Miami Denver
San Francisco Chicago
Tampa Bay Green Bay
Minnesota Atlanta

Now for our traditional, straight-up picks, Andy actually picked up a couple games in the standings last week.

Week 12 Total
Tony 11-5 117-59
Andy 13-3 103-73
Andy’s picks Tony’s picks
New England  New England
Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh
LA Rams  LA Rams
LA Chargers  LA Chargers
Jacksonville  Jacksonville
Tennessee  Tennessee
Oakland  Oakland
Philadelphia  Philadelphia
New Orleans  New Orleans
Kansas City  Kansas City
Baltimore  Detroit
Washington  Dallas
Denver  Denver
San Francisco  San Francisco
Tampa Bay  Green Bay
Minnesota  Atlanta