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2017 AFC Wildcard Playoff Predictions

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs – Saturday, January 6th, 2018 – 3:35PM kickoff Tony: This might be the biggest mismatch of the first round of the playoffs. The Chiefs have had stretches of looking unbeatable and stretches of looking incapable, but there wasn’t any point in the season that I looked at the Titans and thought “That’s a playoff team.” Andy: I suppose if anyone in this mediocre AFC field is going to disrupt the predestined Patriots-Steelers AFC Championship game, it’s going to be the Chiefs. The rest of the field is pretty mediocre in comparison. I will be...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 17, 2017

So … let’s just say these two aren’t the ones you want to go to Vegas with. Or, at minimum, they aren’t the ones you want to be taking betting advice from. Tony went 2-2, but lost his largest bet, ensuring a losing week. Andy … well … he started the season horrifically and he is ending it in even worse fashion. He went 0-4 for the second time in three weeks, ensuring that he’ll have an opportunity to end the season down not just his original bankroll, but a second bankroll as well. He may need to sell...

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Alternative Picks: Week 17, 2017

It only took 16 weeks, but Andy finally had a dominating win. He pulls within … $30 … So can he close the gap a bit more before season’s end? Let’s see. Week 16 Andy 11-5 Season total Tony 133-103 And here are the picks for the final week of the regular season: Tony: Pittsburgh over Cleveland – There were a couple more games that jumped out to me this week, but I didn’t really want the Week 17 trap. As is, I’m a bit worried that Pittsburgh will pull up, and Cleveland will find a way to salvage...

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Alternative Picks: Week 16, 2017

The holidays are approaching so we won’t waste your time belaboring the point. Our alternative picks were a tie in week 15. Tony edged Andy out in the straight-up picks. Weird. Moving on: Week 15 Tie, 8-8 Season total Tony 128-92 Only two more weeks to go… 1) Tony: New England over Buffalo – Yeah, the Bills still have a shot at the playoffs. But no reason not to take the Patriots at the top here when they’re at home. 2) Andy: Baltimore over Indianapolis – Would you have guessed that Baltimore is the highest scoring team in the...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 16, 2017

Andy has taken out another mortgage on his house, sold a rental property and borrowed some money from … some guy with a cigar and a weird accent he met on the street down by the bar… so he’s good to go for a few more bets. Tony’s started rebuilding his bankroll, as well, after a rough week. Here are the standings: Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll Tony 2-2 +$2,045 29-29-2 -$3,516 $6,484 Andy 1-3 -$2,682 21-39 -$12,787 -$2,787 And here are the bets. Tony: I hit my first two bets last week, including the...

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