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Alternative Picks – Week 2, 2017

Last week Andy got to choose where to pick based on winning a virtual coin flip. This week he picked first because his picks sucked. Well, they weren’t THAT bad. Tony won week one 8-7. Andy decided to go second and third this week. Tony: Oakland over the NY Jets – This game didn’t start as the highest spread of the week, but has gone from Oakland -10 to Oakland -14 in some books–tells you what people think. Fans in Detroit have to be thinking that the Jets could match their mark for futility this year. Andy: Not picking...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 2, 2017

Bet the Mortgage: Week 2, 2017 Slow and steady wins the race … or something like that. Both of us made slow, incremental progress in week one toward mythical riches and fame. Andy was 2-2, but hit the ones that mattered for a slight profit. Tony was 2-1-1, though a late TD from Drew-Brees-to-Coby-Fleener kept him from winning the under on Saints/Vikings Monday night. Since he’s usually about half his bankroll in after week one, a nearly $1,000 windfall is a pretty good result for him. So here’s where we stand: Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 1, 2017

We debated whether or not to bring this segment back this season. We probably should have killed it, lest anyone actually take our betting advice. But it turns out we’re just a bit too degenerate to stop. So here we go again. We’ll start with a $10,000 bankroll and see how we manage it throughout the season. Here goes: Name Bankroll Andy $10,000 Tony $10,000 Andy: $800 – Detroit (+2, -110) vs Arizona – The Lions won a lot of last second games last season. So what? They’ve got a pretty good collection of the team back and Mark...

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Alternative picks – Week 1, 2017

Welcome to our new weekly picks format, Alternative Picks. We’re fashioning this after a game that Andy and I played when we were teenagers, where we “draft” games we want to pick each week. First person chooses one game, the other follows with two games, and then alternate the rest of the way down the list. We wager the standard Trading Places bet per game, and accumulate wins/losses through the year. Andy won the right to choose first at Virtual Coin Toss and he elected to select the first game. Going forward, the loser of the previous week’s picks...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 17, 2016

It was more of the same in week 16. Andy, for the first time all season, fell below the $10,000 starting point in his bankroll, while Tony, after being close to mythically broke early on, inched back toward the break-even point. With just one week left in the regular season, there’s nothing to hold back for – except, I suppose, for trying to hang onto their mythical money because they’re crappy bettors. So here are the standings:   Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll Andy 1-3 -$450 24-38-2 -$400 $9,600 Tony 2-2 +$518 26-35-1 -$1,900 $8,010...

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