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Bet the Mortgage: Week 11, 2017

Slow and steady might bore Tony, but he’s continuing to close in on a 50 percent return on his bankroll for the season. Andy … continues to swirl the drain. Slowly this week, but … still on the way down. Here are the standings: Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll Tony 2-1-1 +$36 21-17-2 +$3,863 $13,863 Andy 2-2 -$320 15-25 -$7,552 $2,448   And here are our week 11 bets: Tony: Even going big with my bets, I can’t break through significantly one way or the other—kind of like kissing your sister. I mean, sure, she’s...

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Alternative Picks – Week 11, 2017

Well, it was nice while it lasted. Andy’s one-week winning streak was snapped, as Tony rebounded with a narrow win in week 10. There’s a lot of football left to be played, but Tony is maintaining a commanding lead. Week 10 Tony 8-6 Total Tony 86-56 Andy chose to pick first. And we’re off. Andy: Kansas City over NY Giants – The Chiefs are having some troubles on offense, but the Giants have quit. This bunch of dogs got rolled by San Francisco. Kansas City could score 60.  Tony: Jacksonville over Cleveland – Who would have thought that the...

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Alternative Picks – Week 10, 2017

Hey-o, Andy broke the streak. It took nine weeks, but he’s got his first win of the season (Bronx cheers arise from the cheap seats). Can he keep it up? Or does the loss refocus Tony for the second half push? Here are the standings: Week 9 Andy 7-6 Total Tony 78-50   Tony chose to take the second and third picks. Here we go: Andy: Pittsburgh over Indianapolis – I made this pick before learning that Vontae Davis had elected to have season-ending surgery. If Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell can’t get right this week, then...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 9, 2017

Week eight was middle of the road. We both went 2-2, which for one of us is a disappointment and the other is a relief. Tony, who has mostly been winning this year, has to be disappointed to barely add enough to his winnings to provide an evening’s worth of Blackjack at the local casino — especially given that his bravado in taking the Patriots and giving an extra point cost him a 3-1 week. Easy come, easy go, I guess. Andy, on the other hand, has been digging himself out of the muck most of the season. And,...

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Alternative Picks – Week 9, 2017

Tony won again in week eight, but at least it was a contest. Actually, both Andy and Tony picked every game they selected correctly – Tony just happened to pick one more game than Andy. Small victories, I guess. That means the standings are: Week 8 Tony 7-6 Total 72-43 So here we go again. Andy: Houston over Indianapolis – Deshaun Watson is for real. He’s made an incredible difference for the Texans, who, even in losing to Seattle, played like a real contender. Meanwhile, the Colts put Andrew Luck on IR… Tony: Seattle over Washington – Trap game...

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