Tony still hasn’t had a losing week. Andy has two weeks in a row.

If things keep going this route, Andy may need a loan. Just like being in Vegas, I guess.

Can Tony keep it going? Can Andy turn it around? Here’s where we stand:

Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll
Tony 2-2 + $118 9-6-1 + $3,475 $13,475
Andy 1-3 – $1,600 6-10 – $3,769 $6,231



Good @$%^&*$^ grief. It’s bad enough I’m getting my ass kicked in our Alternative Picks. Here too? Normally, by now, Tony is trying to avoid running into mythical mafiosos right now who would be looking to break his mythical legs for all his bad bets. Now he can’t miss. WTF.

$800 – San Francisco at Indianapolis: Over 44 (-105) – I hope I don’t live to regret this, but … sure, both of these teams are bad, but neither of them play defense. Jacoby Brissett looks competent. Brian Hoyer is … well, better than some of the worst QBs to ever play. These teams have both had some games where they put up some points. I think this is a shootout … please be a shootout … I’ve rolled the dice with Brissett in a handful of fantasy match-ups where my QB is on bye this week. Sigh. I’m probably screwed.

$750 – Carolina (+2, -105) at Detroit – Yes, the Lions are at home. Yes, Detroit is better than it has been in years. The Panthers look to me like they’ve come alive again. The win over New England was impressive. I think Carolina pulls the “upset.”

$750 – Green Bay (+2.5, -105) at Dallas – The Packers are 9-4 against the spread in their last 13 games. The Cowboys are 3-8 versus the spread in their last 11. Who cares. I’m picking Green Bay to win because I am simply unimpressed with Dallas this year. They’re good enough to probably make the playoffs, but this team is going home early. Pack wins.

$500 – Buffalo (+145 money line) at Cincinnati – Why are the Bengals favored in this game?


Well, at least I can hang my hat on my picks & bets here on ZB, with my 0-12 record in fantasy over the last two weeks.

$600 – New England (-4, -110) – The Patriots won’t lose two in a row…will they?

$600 – Baltimore (+2.5, +105) over Oakland – Can Oakland win without Derek Carr? Or rather, with EJ Manual? The movement of the line says a lot of people agree with me–nope.

$600 – Kansas City at Houston: Over 45 (-110) – The site I.use for this is predicting a 24-20 Winn for the Texans. Not sure I buy either of those–the score or the Texans win.

$400 – Buffalo (+140 moneyline) over Cincinnati – I don’t understand how the Bungles can be favored…over anyone.