Andy has taken out another mortgage on his house, sold a rental property and borrowed some money from … some guy with a cigar and a weird accent he met on the street down by the bar… so he’s good to go for a few more bets.

Tony’s started rebuilding his bankroll, as well, after a rough week.

Here are the standings:

Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll
Tony 2-2 +$2,045 29-29-2 -$3,516 $6,484
Andy 1-3 -$2,682 21-39 -$12,787 -$2,787

And here are the bets.

Tony: I hit my first two bets last week, including the big one on the Ravens, so I’m still at least playing with (some of) my own money. Just two weeks left — still time to double my original investment…

$3,500 –  Jacksonville (-4, -105) over San Francisco – The 49ers have been on a winning streak since starting Jimmy Garoppolo, but they haven’t faced a defense like the Jaguars in that stretch, and they also haven’t been scoring TDs in that stretch—they’ve averaged 22 points, but 5 FG per game in that stretch. The Jags have been playing solid on both sides of the ball, and east coast teams heading west isn’t nearly as big of a deal as west coast teams heading east.

$2,500 – Chicago (-7, +110) over Cleveland – That’s a big number to be throwing behind a team like the Bears, but they’re actually 7-6-1 against the spread this year, compared to 3-11 for the Cleveland. Of course, Christmas Eve marks 365 days exactly since the Browns last win—so maybe it’s an annual tradition.  I had it at 6.5 for -106, but I’ll shoot for the +110 and leave the possibility of a tie on the board…

$1,500 – Atlanta at New Orleans: Under 52.5 (-110) – I don’t really know why, other than it’s the highest total on the board.

$500 – New York Jets (+245) over LA Chargers – I’ve not been hitting upsets this week, and this one feels like another long shot—but the Chargers travelling east for a 1 p.m. start never seems to go well, so what the heck.

Andy: When will this be over? Hell with it – if I’m going to be in debt to a mythical underground legbreaker, I’m going to hypothetically go done swinging my pretend loan heavily.

$2,500 – Pittsburgh at Houston: Over 45.5 – I’m surprised this one isn’t in the 50s. Is it just because the Steelers lost Antonio Brown? The Steelers still have plenty of weapons. And Houston has DeAndre Hopkins. There will be points in this game.

$2,000 – Minnesota at Green Bay: Under 41 – The Packers shut down Aaron Rodgers. If the Vikings go all out, Green Bay might not score. And the Vikings’ game isn’t scoring a ton of points.

$2,000 – Indianapolis at Baltimore: Over 41 – Mostly just trying to get my losses out of the way early this weekend, I guess. The Ravens should score at will. The Colts should score a couple times by accident.

$500 – Cleveland (+230 money line) at Chicago – The Browns suck, no doubt. But it’s hard to go winless. Or at least that’s conventional wisdom. Screw it. If I’m picking them to win they have no chance.