The holidays are approaching so we won’t waste your time belaboring the point. Our alternative picks were a tie in week 15. Tony edged Andy out in the straight-up picks. Weird.

Moving on:

Week 15 Tie, 8-8
Season total Tony 128-92

Only two more weeks to go…

1) Tony: New England over Buffalo – Yeah, the Bills still have a shot at the playoffs. But no reason not to take the Patriots at the top here when they’re at home.

2) Andy: Baltimore over Indianapolis – Would you have guessed that Baltimore is the highest scoring team in the AFC over the second-half of the season? I wouldn’t have, but I think they add to those totals significantly this weekend.

3) Andy: Pittsburgh over Houston – No Antonio Brown shouldn’t be a problem in this one.

4) Tony: Carolina over Tampa Bay – The Panthers seem to have resolved their streakiness as of late. The Bucs have too.

5) Andy: Kansas City over Miami – Seems like when Kansas City remembers to give Kareem Hunt the ball a few times, he does well, Alex Smith does well and the team wins. Andy Reid – remember to give Hunt the ball.

6) Tony: Jacksonville over San Francisco – Jacksonville has been playing extremely well as of late. The only reason they’re not higher is he of the last name that I can never spell the same way twice (Jimmy Gara…Garra… Jimmy G.).

7) Andy: Los Angeles Chargers over NY Jets – This might be a bit trickier with the Chargers crossing the country, but I keep coming back to Bryce Petty being the Jets’ QB and then I feel better.

8) Tony: Detroit over Cincinnati – Cincinnati reacted to the news of their coach likely being done last week by…playing dead against the Vikings. The Lions probably won’t beat them quite as handily, given their shaky run game, but…I’m actually surprised this one is this far down the list.

9) Andy: Los Angeles Rams over Tennessee – I thought the Titans were getting somewhere. Last week’s loss to San Francisco was a bummer. Oh well. Rams are for real.

10) Tony: Chicago over Cleveland – I was reading a review of the Ryan Pace era the other day, which indicated that the Bears hit on their first round pick this year of Mitch Trubisky. I’m not ready to give them a pass on moving up one spot to grab him yet. At the same time…I’m now convinced that the Browns will go 0-16.

11) Andy: Philadelphia over Oakland – There has been no more disappointing team this season than the Raiders. Philly will avenge the 1980 Super Bowl XV loss that none of its current players was alive to see.

12) Tony: Washington over Denver – I’m not sure who’s starting at quarterback for the Broncos this week. It’s not even worth looking up.

13) Andy: New Orleans over Atlanta – I have little confidence in this game. Falcons/Saints games are weird.

14) Tony: NY Giants over Arizona – Picking the winner of this game is like picking between a broken ankle and a broken leg–both suck, and who really cares when you can’t walk?

15) Andy: Dallas over Seattle – The Rams made Seattle look ridiculous last week. Ezekiel Elliott will likely do the same this week.

16) Tony: Green Bay over Minnesota – I should have picked 2nd and 3rd so that Andy would be stuck with this game. I’m going Packers and hoping I’m wrong–at least if the Packers do win, I win $1.

So for those scoring at home:

Andy Tony
Buffalo New England
Baltimore Indianapolis
Pittsburgh Houston
Tampa Bay Carolina
Kansas City Miami
San Francisco Jacksonville
LA Chargers NY Jets
Cincinnati Detroit
LA Rams Tennessee
Cleveland Chicago
Philadelphia Oakland
Denver Washington
New Orleans Atlanta
Arizona NY Giants
Dallas Seattle
Minnesota Green Bay

And now for our more traditional, straight-up picks:

Andy Tony
Week 15 11-5 12-4
Total 132-92 148-76
Andy’s picks Tony’s picks
New England  New England
Baltimore  Baltimore
Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh
Carolina  Carolina
Kansas City  Kansas City
Jacksonville  Jacksonville
LA Chargers  LA Chargers
Detroit  Detroit
LA Rams  LA Rams
Cleveland  Chicago
Philadelphia  Philadelphia
Washington  Washington
New Orleans  Atlanta
NY Giants  NY Giants
Dallas  Seattle
Minnesota  Green Bay