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Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018 named

More info on this later, but it appears via various announcements on Twitter and other sources that the following players have been named the class of 2018: LB Ray Lewis LB Brian Urlacher WR Randy Moss WR Terrell Owens S Brian Dawkins G Jerry Kramer – senior committee LB Robert Brazile – senior committee Bobby Beathard – contributor Share your thoughts...

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Vikings pull out miracle … win? Really?

I shoveled the driveway tonight when I got home from watching the Vikings game. I could not stop giggling the entire time. Friends and family who know me will attest to this: The older I get, the more I hate dealing with the cold and snow of winter. But tonight it was a little less cold and a lot less laborious – though it did take a bit longer than it otherwise might have because I spent a fair amount of time answering text messages from friends and family. I heard from a couple of my favorite Packers fans,...

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 15, 2017

Sweet mother of God, we suck. 0-8 between the two of us in week 14. Good thing this is all mythical money. Vegas could build another mega-casino off us. Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll Tony 0-4 -$11,500 27-27-2 -$5,561 $4,439 Andy 0-4 -$2,200 20-36 -$10,105 -$105 We’re contractually obligated to finish out this segment through season’s end, so … we’ll take out a hypothetical second mortgage and keep going. Tony: 0-4?  That’s more like it—at least we’re making progress in a direction, rather than kissing the proverbial sister every week. Sure, last week pretty much...

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Alternative Picks – Week 14, 2017

Another week, another loss for Andy. It was a tight one and it would have ended up a tie, if not for Pittsburgh’s fourth quarter comeback against Cincinnati. But, then again, who didn’t foresee the Bengals coughing up a game to the Steelers? It seems to happen at least once a year these days. As a result, Andy drops yet another $2 to Tony. So here’s where we stand: Week 13 Tony 9-7 Season total Tony 111-77   Week 14 looks like a minefield. So Andy chose to pick first: Andy: New England over Miami – My confidence this...

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Moss, Lewis, Urlacher headline Hall of Fame semifinalist candidates

WR Randy Moss and LBs Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher are three of the six first-year eligible candidates among 27 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2018. DB Ronde Barber, G Steve Hutchinson and DL Richard Seymour also made the semifinalist list in their first tries. S LeRoy Butler, DEs Leslie O’Neal and Simeon Rice, and CB Everson Walls also are first-time semifinalists, though they have been eligible candidates in the past. The 2018 semifinalist list includes 12 offensive players, 13 defensive players and two coaches. The coaches, Don Coryell and Jimmy Johnson, have a...

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