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Alternative Picks – Week six, 2017

Well, at least it was a contest last week. We were tied going into the Sunday night game, but Tony got that one and the Monday nighter, to pull off his fifth straight win to start the season. Most troubling to Andy has to be his inability to pick winners in the early rounds of selecting games – of the first eight games last week, Tony got six. Andy’s going back to picking second and third this week. He’s going to have to either start catching up in the standings or take out a second mortgage on his house....

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 5, 2017

Tony still hasn’t had a losing week. Andy has two weeks in a row. If things keep going this route, Andy may need a loan. Just like being in Vegas, I guess. Can Tony keep it going? Can Andy turn it around? Here’s where we stand: Last week Last week $ Overall Overall $ Bankroll Tony 2-2 + $118 9-6-1 + $3,475 $13,475 Andy 1-3 – $1,600 6-10 – $3,769 $6,231   Andy: Good @$%^&*$^ grief. It’s bad enough I’m getting my ass kicked in our Alternative Picks. Here too? Normally, by now, Tony is trying to avoid running...

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Alternative Picks – Week 5, 2017

Tony has won the first four weeks, though it wasn’t until the last one that he started pulling away. Of the first 10 games they picked, he got nine correct, en route to an 11-5 week. Andy’s starting to run the risk that what started out as a fun little wager might turn into a bank account draining blowout. Here are the standings: Week 4 11-5 Tony Total 37-26 Tony While Andy is stubborn and persistent, he apparently is done banging his head against walls. With bye weeks and a bunch of toss-up games in play, he decided to...

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Modern-Era nominees for 2018 Hall of Fame class unveiled

Eleven first-year players, including WR Randy Moss, LB Ray Lewis, LB Brian Urlacher and DB Ronde Barber highlight the list of 108 modern-era nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2018. Other first-year candidates include WR Donald Driver and (the other) Steve Smith; OL Matt Birk, Jeff Saturday, Steve Hutchinson; and DL Richard Seymour and Kyle Vanden Bosch. Of the first-year guys, the first four would seem to be locks for enshrinement – presumably Lewis as a first-ballot HOFer and the rest in years to follow (Moss had a first-ballot career, but likely falls into the...

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2017 NFC Preview

I think the strongest teams in the league this season overall reside in the AFC. But a look at the NFC reveals that there are definitely a handful of teams that on a good day will push the best of the best. The truth again probably lies somewhere between what I really think and what I came up with at the playoffpredictors site. Here goes: NFC North Green Bay 12-4 Detroit 10-6 Minnesota 8-8 Chicago 2-14 Explanation: The only one that shocked me a bit in this division was Detroit. After a brief and slight slump in 2016, Aaron...

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