Who is the best survival pick for week 1?

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Bet the Mortgage: Week 1, 2014 NFL Best Bets

Tony and I have been pretending we know how to beat pointspreads for several seasons now, both online and in Vegas.weekly-bets

Last year we shook it up a bit. Each of us started the season with a hypothetical, mythical $10,000. We then assigned money values to our bets and calculated our winnings and losings throughout the season. We pick three games against the number – either the over/under or the pointspread. We pick one moneyline upset.

It’s not a perfect representation of how it would look if we were in Vegas, other than we both get more wrong than we do right – though Tony kicked some ass the last third of last year, getting enough of his larger bets right to make better than a 50 percent profit for the season.

I was brutal. A disaster. A joke. An embarrassment to my family. If anyone actually read these bet posts all season, one would hope they figured out to do the opposite. Here’s a link to the post I wrote at season’s end to summarize our picks.

Nonetheless, here we are, back for more fun and personal torture. And here we go: Continue reading

Zoneblitz Survivor Pool: Week 1

Playing in an NFL Survivor Pool? Zoneblitz has you covered. Our four writers are playing a slightly modified version to help you make your weekly decisions, and hopefully we’ll all make it through Week 17 unscathed. However, in our version, we’re giving each writer ONE strike to make things more interesting. Whoever’s left standing at the end will be declared the winner.

So take in our thoughts, ponder them yourself and then vote below on who you think made the best pick. If you don’t like any of them tell us who you’d pick.

Andy: Philadelphia over Jacksonville

Would I rather hang onto the Eagles for later in the season when they are playing some of their below average divisional foes? Sure. But in a one-and-done (or in this case, two-and-done) format, heading into what is usually the most unpredictable of professional sports, having Philadelphia host an improving-but-still-not-very-good Jacksonville team seems like as sure a thing as you can get.

Maggio: NY Jets over Oakland

The Oakland Raiders are trotting out a rookie quarterback on the road against a Rex Ryan defense? Yes, please! I’m no Jets fan, but I’m certainly a fan of (hopefully) saving some of the big-name teams for later in the season. J-E-T-S DON’T-EMBARRASS-ME!

John: NY Jets over Oakland

When in doubt, just pick whoever plays Oakland. The Raiders are my preseason pick for the NFL’s worst roster, and this week they’re starting rookie QB Derek Carr behind a revamped offensive line on the road in the Big Apple. (Plus, a Jets win this week lets you save the heavy hitters for later in the season.)

Tony: Chicago over Buffalo

The Bills are so concerned about EJ Manual that they paid Kyle Orton $5 million to come in and be their insurance policy. And that’s a policy that I would be shocked if they don’t cash in by midseason. They have a potential running game, but unless they’re running the wishbone, three running backs won’t help. Meanwhile, the Bears look to have one of the best passing attacks in the league (again), and a coach that made Josh McCown look good—no telling what he can do in his second year with a talent like Cutler at the helm (as long as he can keep Cutler’s head on straight).

Who is the best survival pick for week 1?

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Maggio Week 1 Fantasy Football Position Rankings

Every week during the NFL season I’ll post my weekly position rankings to help you set your fantasy lineup. Adjustments will be made throughout the week to account for news, injuries, etc. Post questions in the comments below or on Twitter @MPLSMaggio. Continue reading

NFL Picks 2014: Week 1

OK, enough of the “assessing our depth” and “it’s not about winning” quotes that come with pre-season. It’s time for real football.weekly-picks

Rosters are nearly set. The pretenders are off into obscurity, looking for real jobs. And kickoff is just three days away.

We’ve been doing these picks for a few years now. Last year we actually did pretty well. There were four of us. Tony and I tied at 166-89-1 records for the season. Anthony Maggio went 157-98-1. Rich picked 154 correctly against 101 misses and the lone tie – we all matched up fairly well with a collection of experts whose picks are observed via In 2011 I beat Tony with a 172-84 mark compared to his 169-87. And in 2012, I used a 27-5 run through the last two weeks of the regular season to go 166-89-1 again, compared to his 161-94-1.

This year Anthony, Tony and I are joined by John Vomhof Jr., who chipped in on a few of our fantasy football buy/sell posts. He’ll be ramping up as the season moves forward. Without further ado, here are our long-sought picks for week one: Continue reading

Final Fantasy Cheat Sheets from Bo and Maggio

For those drafting this weekend and into next Thursday night’s NFL Season Kickoff, you’ve got one last shot to garner some wisdom from two of the 17 fantasy wizards of the world. fantasy-football-rankingsAnthony Maggio and Bo Mitchell have updated their cheat sheets one last time (though they’ll be back starting next week with weekly rankings).

Anthony Maggio’s Final Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings

Bo Mitchell’s Final Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings

Good luck with your drafts.

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