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Betting Strategies for the NFL

As far as sports betting goes, the NFL takes first prize. The NFL comes out on top of most sports because no matter your level of interest, you will somehow be dragged into wagering some kind of bet – whether it is a petty bet at the office, with friends or family or even online. The NFL is spread across a lengthy sporting season, giving bettors all kinds of opportunities to bet and turn a profit. Just like any sport, there are statistics and data that needs to be reviewed before placing a bet. However, American Football on and...

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Can I legally bet on football in the U.S.?

Sports betting is a widely popular industry worldwide. In the US, sports betting is a bit more restricted than in other international markets. Sports fans can bet on their favorite NFL teams through Daily Fantasy Sports, but what about traditional sports betting? While there are some laws that govern football betting in the US, bettors still have some legal options available to them. The first federal law to consider when discussing sports gambling is the federal ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA. PASPA was enacted in 1992 in the hopes of thwarting the...

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4 Things To Know About Daily Fantasy For 2016

At the beginning of 2015, daily fantasy was a glorious industry packed with avid sports fanatics and it seemingly advertised more than all beverage companies and fast food restaurants in history combined. You couldn’t turn on the TV or visit a sports-related website without seeing a DraftKings ad or a FanDuel banner. The industry was absolutely booming, with millions of users and billions of dollars at play. Then the elephant in the room finally woke up—if the elephant is state legislatures and the room is a country in which sports gambling is technically illegal. Seemingly all at once (and in part due to a “scandal” in which a DraftKings employee won a major FanDuel contest), state governing bodies began to sniff around the DFS industry and question whether or not it constitutes sports betting. The debate is pretty simple: either DFS is a skill-based game as its top sites’ proprietors argue; or it’s chance-based and therefore no different from betting on a team to win a game, and therefore illegal. While it’s simple to lay out that debate, it’s far more complex for lawyers and government officials to come to a consensus regarding the answer. The result is that heading into 2016, DFS suddenly seems to be threatened, and there’s a great deal of uncertainty regarding its status and legality. Just to make sure you’re not depositing money on...

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Super Bowl Odds: The Top Four Contenders

It’s shaping up to be a very interesting NFL postseason in 2014-15. Heading into Week 16 action, it’s fair to say that no team has separated itself from the pack the same way the Broncos and Seahawks did a year ago, and one could make an argument that there are legitimately seven or eight teams that seem at least capable of winning the Super Bowl. This may well be the case, but when you look closely, there do appear to be four teams that have gained some separation from the rest, though not in the emphatic way we saw Denver and Seattle do so in 2013. Specifically, the betting odds show four teams out in front. You can view the Betfair sports betting site’s updated odds (heading into Week 17) for each team in the league here, and while these are subject to change over the coming weeks, they should provide the most accurate picture to date of which teams are best positioned to win it all. At this stage, in fact, even if the odds do shift around somewhat, it looks as if the top four should remain the same. So here’s a current look at your four leading Super Bowl contenders as ordered by the odds. Seattle Seahawks (11/4) Many seem to be coming around to the Seahawks as legitimate favorites to defend their Super Bowl title....

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ZB Game of the Week: Saints at Panthers

Two weeks ago in New Orleans, the Saints put a whoopin’ on Carolina, ending the Panthers’ eight-game win streak. The victory reestablished the Saints as the favorite in the NFC South and gave them control of their own destiny. That changed last week, when Drew Brees and Co. laid an egg in St. Louis. So the Saints/Panthers rematch this weekend, once again, has huge stakes. And this time it’s in Charlotte. The 10-4 Panthers are 6-1 at home. And New Orleans is not the same team away from the Superdome. So does Carolina capitalize on its second chance at division dominance? Or do the Saints rise up against them again and reclaim supremacy? Brandon Becker, editor at Cat Crave, and Bill Stephens, a writer with SaintsGab return to share their thoughts. Bill Stephens, SaintsGab (Twitter: @SaintsGab) WHY THE SAINTS WILL WIN: Two weeks ago, the Panthers traveled to New Orleans and were beaten in pretty much every phase of the game, the final score was not as close as what was reflected on the scoreboard. My how things have changed in only two weeks. For all intents and purposes, the playoffs start this Sunday for the Saints and the Panthers. Besides the NFC South title being on the line, the winning team will also be in position to claim the #2 seed in the NFC playoff bracket. It’s probably...

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