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NFL Picks 2016: The Super Bowl

While the playoffs have thus far been short on drama, the Super Bowl should at least be entertaining. Two of the league’s top QBs and high firing offenses will meet in Houston this weekend to determine the landing place for the 2016-17 Lombardi Trophy. So, who’s going to win? We’ll get there in a moment. First, we need to update the standings – Andy was the only one to miss a game in championship weekend. It was his first miss of the postseason.   Championship Postseason Andy 1-1 9-1 Tony 2-0 8-2 John Vomhof 2-0 7-3 Anthony Maggio 2-0...

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NFL Picks 2016: Championship weekend

Some people say this has been a disappointing post-season so far. And maybe they are right – most of the games to this point have been blowouts. The Green Bay/Dallas game saved divisional weekend. And the Chiefs/Steelers game at least had some drama. But if it’s been disappointing so far, we should at least be set up for two great games this weekend. Should be plenty of scoring and plenty of excitement. First, a recap of last week. Andy was brutal during the regular season, but he’s on fire right now. Can’t miss. Tony’s close behind. Here are the...

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NFL Picks 2016: Divisional Weekend

It’s divisional weekend, the greatest weekend of the NFL football season. The pretenders, well, most of them anyway, are out. The serious contenders meet up this weekend. It’s usually four of the better games you’ll have the opportunity to watch. And, for once, Andy has the lead. Terrible at picking games all season, he nailed all four on Wild Card weekend. Will he keep it up? Probably not. So he might as well enjoy the bragging rights while he can. Here are the standings:   Wild Card week Andy 4-0 Vomhof 3-1 Tony 3-1 Maggio 2-2   And here...

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NFL Picks 2016: Wild Card Weekend

Hmm. That went fast. Four months and change after the regular season kicked off, here we are facing Wild Card weekend in the NFL. There are a few new faces in the postseason crowd this year. But if you believe our contributors, most of them will be eliminated by the playoff regulars by the end of the weekend. Here’s how we see the games playing out: Maggio Vomhof Andy Tony January 7, 2017 Oakland at Houston Oakland Oakland Houston Oakland Detroit at Seattle Detroit Seattle Seattle Seattle January 8, 2017 Miami at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NY Giants...

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NFL Picks 2016: Week 17

John’s pretty well got this thing wrapped up. A 10-6 mark in week 16 leaves him five up on the nearest competition, Tony, who also hit 10. Andy has wrapped up the bottom. He’s been clueless most of the season. And he was the first of our pickers to break 100 wrong. And so it goes. Here are the standings:   Week 16 Season John Vomhof 10-6 153-85-2 Tony 10-6 148-90-2 Maggio 10-6 140-98-2 Andy 9-7 135-103-2   Here are the picks for week 17 – do with them what you will: Maggio Vomhof Andy Tony January 1, 2016...

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