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In Depth 2013: Buffalo Bills

A middle-of-the-road offense led by a quarterback who made too many mistakes and a defense that could not stop opponents doomed the Buffalo Bills to a 6-10 record, extending the team’s stretch of non-playoff seasons to 14.

But this is not a team devoid of talent. C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson could be a potent running back combo and Stevie Johnson is a solid wide receiver. Mario Williams heads a defense that is already getting reworked.

So just what kind of a project did new head coach Doug Marrone get himself into? Jack Goods, co-editor of BuffaLowDown tells us the Bills could be a quarterback away from being a pretty good team.

Zoneblitz: What did you think of the decision to fire head coach Chan Gailey and keep Buddy Nix as general manager? Continue reading

ZB Notebook 1-6-2013

For the playoff teams, wild card weekend was the news. For the rest, the coaching carrousel was the biggest news. A couple surprises popped up.

The biggest stunner to me was Buffalo’s selection of Syracuse head coach as its next leader, replacing the fired Chan Gailey. Syracuse is better than it was four years ago, but it’s still a mid-level school in an uninspiring conference. So I was surprised to see Marrone get the attention he did this offseason.

The 48-year-old also was being pursued reportedly by Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Diego. And he does have experience as an offensive line coach and as an offensive coordinator in the NFL, so it’s not like he’s coming in cold.

Judging by the comments at, the hire is receiving mixed reviews in Buffalo, but Brian Galliford, manager of the site, has a number of posts with information about why he was hired. The Saints had a pretty successful offense when he was there, Galliford notes, even though Sean Payton called the plays. Continue reading

NFL Best Bets: Week 15 – 2012

After the dreadful start we had to our betting season, I didn’t think our picks could get much uglier. We seemed to be on a bit of a roll heading into week 14, but last week everything went wrong.

Andy went 1-3, dropping his season record to 25-30-1. Tony did even worse, not connecting once, even picking Arizona to upset Seattle in a game the Cardinals ultimately lost 58-0.

It may be merciful that there are only three weeks left in the season. But we’re going to go down with a fight. On what is supposed to be the lucky day of 12/12/12, here goes for week 15.

Tony Continue reading

NFL Best Bets: Week 12 – 2012

This is a terrible week for betting. Injuries and other abnormal situations have left five lines at near pick ‘ems and a couple more still not even on the board yet. And then there is the Monday night game – one does have to wonder if the “N/A” for that snoozer is “Not Available” or “Not Applicable,” since it’s not an NFL game.

Anyway, I pulled off my second straight 3-1 in week 11, so I’m inching ever closer to .500. Well, I’m still a ways off at 19-25, but 6-2 over the last two weeks is acceptable.

Tony still has a one-game lead for the season, but he dropped from 4-0 in week 10 to 2-2 in week 11. Here are the picks for Thanksgiving weekend. Continue reading

NFL Best Bets: Week six – 2012

The futility continues. Both of us went 2-2 last week, which in Vegas means we lost. Tony’s at least still in the ballgame for the season with his 10-10 mark. If there were money on my picks, I’d be laying in an alley with my legs broken. I’m at 6-14.

Luckily there is nothing on the line but pride. We’ve never had much of that around here anyway.

So here we go again…

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