Well, it was nice while it lasted. Andy’s one-week winning streak was snapped, as Tony rebounded with a narrow win in week 10.

There’s a lot of football left to be played, but Tony is maintaining a commanding lead.

Week 10 Tony 8-6
Total Tony 86-56

Andy chose to pick first. And we’re off.

  1. Andy: Kansas City over NY Giants – The Chiefs are having some troubles on offense, but the Giants have quit. This bunch of dogs got rolled by San Francisco. Kansas City could score 60.
  2.  Tony: Jacksonville over Cleveland – Who would have thought that the Jags would be the second pick off the board in any week this season.
  3.  Tony: Pittsburgh over Tennessee – This is an ugly pick this high in the game–there aren’t any sure things beyond the first two (which we’ll probably both get wrong).
  4.  Andy: New England over Oakland – Barring a bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge, the Patriots are marching toward another comfortable win.
  5.  Tony: New Orleans over Washington – The Saints are firing on all cylinders, and playing at home they don’t have to rely just on Mark Ingram. Although they should.
  6. Andy: Philadelphia over Dallas – The Eagles might be better than Dallas when both teams are at full strength, but they’re definitely better than the Cowboys minus Elliott, et al.
  7. Tony: Detroit over Chicago – If I trusted Detroit this game would be a lot higher up the list – but something is keeping me from trusting them. Fortunately for them, they face the Bears, that couldn’t even beat the suddenly pathetic Packers.
  8. Andy: Houston over Arizona – The Texans showed some fight in the later stages of last week’s game. They’re outmanned and Tom Savage isn’t good, but the Cardinals are down to Blaine Gabbert.
  9.  Tony: Denver over Cincinnati – The Bengals have pretty much checked out, a full week or two earlier than the Broncos will. Even Brock should be able to not screw this up.
  10. Andy: Green Bay over Baltimore – Brett Hundley started to look a bit more comfortable last week. I’m not impressed with the Ravens.
  11. Tony: Atlanta over Seattle – It won’t be easy for the Falcons to go into Seattle and win, but the Seahawks aren’t going to be the same without Richard Sherman. They’ll be more tolerable to watch, from an outsiders perspective, but they won’t be nearly as good.
  12. Andy: Tampa Bay over Miami – This is one of those games nobody would pay any attention to if not for fantasy football and Alternative Picks.
  13. Tony: Buffalo over L.A. Chargers – I made this pick when I thought Philip Rivers might not play (don’t care enough to check if he’s been cleared yet) and Tyrod Taylor would be starting. Now…it ranks somewhere between the Bucs/Dolphins game and…any NBA game on things I want to watch this weekend.
  14. Andy: L.A. Rams over Minnesota – Who would have guessed heading into the season that this would have been one of the “must watch” games of the mid-season slog. It’s a coin flip.

So, for those scoring at home:

Andy Tony
Kansas City NY Giants
Cleveland Jacksonville
Tennessee Pittsburgh
New England Oakland
Washington New Orleans
Philadelphia Dallas
Chicago Detroit
Houston Arizona
Cincinnati Denver
Green Bay Baltimore
Seattle Atlanta
Tampa Bay Miami
LA Chargers Buffalo
LA Rams Minnesota

And for our more traditional picks:

Week 10 Total
Tony 12-2 96-50
Andy 9-5 81-65
Andy’s picks Tony’s picks
Kansas City  Kansas City
Jacksonville  Jacksonville
Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh
New England  New England
New Orleans  New Orleans
Philadelphia  Philadelphia
Chicago  Detroit
Houston  Houston
Cincinnati  Denver
Green Bay  Baltimore
Seattle  Atlanta
Tampa Bay  Miami
LA Chargers  Buffalo
LA Rams  Minnesota